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What is Aquaporin AQP?

Aquaporin AQP? Let’s disclose the secrets of skin.

In the mid 20th century, scientists found there’re protein-structured channels in the cell membrane for water molecules to access liberally, the channels are called “water channels”.

Until 2003, the importance of Aquaporin AQP to human body was found; the research was awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

Aquaporin AQP can absorb water molecules, it facilitates faster water transport. When being applied in skincare products, it won great recognition and led the R&D team to a new territory of skincare!

S+DIAMOND has applied the “water channel concept” in the research and development of #watervitalitymoisturizingessence

It’s dedicated to bringing skin a brand-new moisturizing experience!

Three mechanisms of circulation will make skin hydrated like a permanent pool of water.

What have you eaten? What are the foods causing skin problems?

It’s annoying when skin gets out of control; however, it’s not possible to ignore the problem skin condition since skin is often the first impression…


Even though keeping a comprehensive skincare routine, skin problems occur one after another. Only facing to the influence of food to skin condition can avoid the bad effect of a “negative circulation”. Reducing the consumption of these foods is the 1st step to get rid of problem skin:

Processed Foods

Including processed meat products. These foods are lack of nutrition, and it’s easy to leave the toxic residues in the body. Moreover, skin can’t absorb enough nutrients.

For Example: instant noodles, hotdogs

Fried Foods

It worsens blood circulation and lower metabolism of toxic substances. For Example: fried chicken, French fries.

Foods Containing Excess Sugar

It increases acidity in the body that boosts the growth of bacteria and accelerates skin-aging.

For Example: condensed juice, instant cereal powder.

Caffeine Overdose

Caffeine causes premature aging, it stimulates cortisol, the key to skin disorders and fine lines over the face.

For Example: chocolate cubes (containing more than 60 mg caffeine per 360 ml), condensed coffee (containing more than 40 mg caffeine per 150 ml)

It’s suggested leaving alone the foods that caused problem skin and eating more fruit and green vegetables.

With basic skincare routine, it’s no longer difficult to keep skin healthy!

What are the warning signs that appear on skin?

The unpredictable weather changes may be “too irritating to skin”. Without a careful skincare routine, it’s easy to cause skin problems that make you suffered!

Below are a few signs showing dehydrated skin. Pay earlier attention to skincare to combat dry skin!

NG 1. After cleansing, your face feels tight on the cheeks.

NG 2. Your makeup often comes off with scraps of dead skin.

NG 3. You get scars from acne easily.

NG 4. Your skin appears dark and yellow without a healthy glow.

NG 5. The fine lines are noticeable.

The 1st step to fix the dehydrated skin is moisturizing supports!

#Hyaluronic Acid absorbs water, it provides great moisturizing and water-locking effects.

#Organic Iris Japonica and #Thyme have the botanical power that combats external stimulation and has a great anti-stress performance.


A complex of 7 #Desert Plants has a strong ability to survive and provides a long-lasting moisturizing effect.

Not only nourishment, we put more emphasis on the revitalizing energy that guard skin health.

What happened when there're constant acne breakouts in winter?

Dehydrated skin is the main cause of acne breakouts in winter!

During cold days, it’s not easy to sweat toxins out of body. When the cold air blows directly to skin, and the level of nourishment on skin decreases as well as the metabolism becomes slower. There’s a thick accumulation of dead cells of stratum corneum over skin surface that boosts the growth of bacteria and leads to frequent breakouts…

— Activating the anti-acne mode in winter– You need the supports of perfect moisturization x revitalization!

#modelmoisturizer #watervitalitymoisturizingessence

>Patented DermaFlux®CR #watervitalityfactor boosts water permeability >B3- The essential trace elements to human body regulate the oil-water balance and solve the acne crisis.


Certified #organicirisjaponica is formulated with #thyme to restore a healthy glow on skin.

During hot-spring bathing, is it proper to use a mask?

【3 Guidelines for Taking the Beauty Hot-Spring Bath】

Completely cleanse skin → Moisturizing supply → Water-locking skincare. They are the easy step to take care of skin during hot-spring bath.

The 1st Round, 15-minute hot-spring bath

The 1st round, step out of the pool, rinse the entire body with clean water. At the moment, don’t forget to drink enough water to keep the body maintain water balance for a long time and avoid excessive water loss during hot-spring bath.

The 2nd Round, 10-minute hot-spring bath

The 2nd round: By this time, the stratum corneum has become soft; after stepping out of the pool, use the auxiliary tools to exfoliate the rough skin area (body parts like elbows, knees, feet, etc.) The stratum corneum becomes more sensitive after hot-spring bath, so please use gentle movements. Besides drinking water, it’s not suggested applying any skincare products or use a mask during hot-spring bath to avoid the possible skin irritation caused by the conflict interaction between the materials in hot spring water and the ingredients of skincare products.

The 3rd Round, 10-minute hot-spring bath

The 3rd round: After hot-spring bath is finished, rinse the entire body with clean water. Be sure to end the hot-spring bath before using a moisturizing mask on the face. By this time, the expanded pores and completely hydrated skin are beneficial to the absorption of moisturizing essence carried by the mask. During the hot-spring bath, it’s better to let pores breathe! You may follow the step below, strengthening skin hydration before using the mask. Therefore, the absorption of essence carried by the mask will be doubled up!!

【Toner hydrates skin】→【Essence deepens hydration】→【A mask moisturizes skin】→【Lotion, cream provides water-locking revitalization】

How to determine your skin type?

At present, there’re 5 skin types including “dry”, “normal”, “oily”, “combination” types and a hard to be defined “sensitive type”.

To make sure what skin type you have, let’s do a small skin detection test!

After cleansing the face at night, don’t use any skincare products and observe skin condition.

Let skin return to its non-interfered and most primitive condition, it’s a true status of the sebum change on skin.

Refreshing without a tight feeling is the standard; when skin feels tighter, it shows more serious damages on the hydrolipidic film.

Different body parts have different sebum secretion rate. The T-zone on the face (forehead, nose, mouth, chin) produces relatively more sebum.

Therefore, looking into the mirror at your T-zone area to check your skin types by the conditions below:

Step 1: Cleansing and removing makeup: using a mild cleansing product that washes the face or remove makeup, oil, or impurities to make skin regain the refreshing and clear feeling.

Step 2: Wait. After cleansing, don’t use any skincare products, let skin return to its natural statue.

Step 3: According to skin status, you may verify your skin type.

Oily Skin Type

1.An easy way to Identify- 15 to 20 minutes after cleansing, the tight feeling fades away.

2.Characteristics- The gland produces excessive sebum, the face always looks oily and shiny.

Also, the pores are enlarged and the stratum corneum is thick and not smooth.

Without proper cleansing, the excessive sebum and stratum corneum cause the makeup not lasting and acne breakouts.

However, skin with more sebum secretion is more resilient than the dry skin; also, it’s not easy to have wrinkles on skin.

  1. How to Take Care- 1 or 2 times cleansing every day is good enough for the oily skin type. Over cleansing destroys the hydrolipidic film, causes unbalanced skin pH, leads to the growth of bacteria; the loss of water may stimulate sebum secretion.

It without doubt makes the excessive sebum secretion and acne breakouts become more serious.

Normal Skin Type

  1. An easy way to Identify- 30 minutes after cleansing, the tight feeling fades away.
  2. Characteristics- Normal skin type is an idealistic healthy skin. There’s proper secretion of sebum and water. The skin feels smooth, refined, and soft; The complexion looks resilient, healthy, glowing without any imperfection. It’s easy to wear makeup, a perfect skin type.

And, this skin type is commonly seen on the young boys and girls before puberty period as well as on the newborn babies.

3.How to Take Care- Pay attention to cleansing, properly take care of skin by using skincare products that are suitable for skin.

Dry Skin Type

  1. An easy way to Identify- 40 to 50 minutes after cleansing, the tight feeling fades away.
  2. Characteristics- On the dry skin, the pores are mostly small and not noticeable. It’s easy to have wrinkles on skin.

Due to loss of water, insufficient sebum secretion, skin type can be divided into dehydrated type (dry and flaky skin) and oil-less type. The skin appears dark or dull, has spots, looks dry without a glow. Press skin by the pointer finger, the wrinkles are noticeable.

3.How to Take Care- Don’t over cleansing. Choose moisturizing skincare products.

Combination Skin Type

  1. An easy way to Identify- It’s more like oily skin but in-between the normal and oily skin types.
  2. Characteristics- It has all the characteristics of oily and dry skin. The T-zone appears oily, and other parts looks dry.

T-zone areas is oily and acne-prone. The pores on the sides of nose look enlarged.

  1. How to Take Care- In summer, choose skincare products for oily skin type; in winter, choose skincare products for dry skin type. Or, use different skincare products on different areas.

Use the products for oily skin on the T-zone, while use the products for dry skin on the cheeks.


Sensitive Skin Type

  1. An easy way to Identify- It’s a little difficult to make a confirm definition of the “sensitive skin type”.
  2. Characteristics- The skin is more sensitive, it has thinner hydrolipidic. The skin can’t protect itself and there’re signs of sensitivity showing on skin frequently.

There’re small papules, the blood vessels are visible in a form of red streaks. Also, skin is flaky.

It’s easily stimulated by the environment, humidity, physical or chemical substances.

3. How to Take Care- Wash the face with lukewarm water. Don’t over cleanse the sebum. Use mild and non-irritating, fragrance-free cleansers and skincare products.

Why do skin pores appear larger and more noticeable?

When the mix of sebum, impurities, and stratum corneum accumulates in the pores, the pores will be enlarged.

The top 3 causes that makes pores larger: sebum accumulation, pore aging, and improper cleansing.

However, due to using different ways of skincare, skin may have different appearances.

Pores Clogged with Sebum

The skin cycle takes 28 days, the metabolism removes the dead stratum corneum and renews skin.

And, pores are the channel to remove removes the dead stratum corneum and absorb skincare nutrients.

And, they are influenced by the change of physical condition and external environment.

Such as staying up late, diet, lifestyle, stress, menstrual period, inadequate sleep, change of seasons, endocrine disorders.

They may delay the metabolism mechanism, and the stratum corneum that should be removed is mixed with sebum and impurities and clogged the pores. That’s the formation of annoying and not good-looking pimples.

When the pores are clogged, in order to successfully discharge the dead stratum corneum and sebum, the pores expand its size to facilitate the metabolism. Therefore, the pores become larger and larger. If the channel is not cleared, the clog will become more serious, and the pores will be enlarged gradually.

Besides, the whiteheads, blackheads, and acne will extend its size, then skin are involved in the crisis of looking rough, dark, dull, and uneven.

Aging Skin Pores

As people get older, it’s harder to maintain the oil-water balance, the resilience decreases, the pores become sluggish or deformed.

Due to the slower metabolism, the aging process starts. And the important constitution of skin, collagen and resilient fibers, are decreasing. Along with the sluggish skin, the pores are aging. The 1st and the most noticeable sign is the gradually enlarged pores.

The enlarged pores don’t just appear on the T-zone, the area may be expanded to the sides of the nose and the cheeks!

Owning to the sluggishness and loss of water, the pores will gradually appear in the shape of a water drop.

As getting older, skin becomes more rough, the pores appear more noticeable…

In addition to the dry skin caused by the natural aging process as well as the large pores caused by the loss of water,

UV rays and dirty air will accelerate the speed of aging!

That’s why there’s a constant talk on the importance of sun protection. Besides the diligent skincare routine, proper sunscreen is an important concept of aging prevention.

Insufficient cleansing Pores

Without a thorough removal of makeup or cleansing the face, the makeup resides may clog the pores. And the pulling movement of removing makeup may cause the aforementioned blackheads and whiteheads that make the pores sluggish and larger.

And the permeability of skincare products will be degraded. When people use more expensive skincare products for anti-aging, revitalizing, skin whitening effects, they find it’s hard to absorb the ingredients and the effects are not efficient.

Insufficient cleansing pores may affect the efficiency and effect of the follow-up skincare products; however, over-cleansing may lead to oil-water unbalance. The skin’s self-moisturizing system will be disturbed, and more skin problems may occur!

How to Prevent Dry Skin

  1. Drink more water.

Drinking more water is absolutely essential for keep skin moisturized. However, drinking less water at night can avoid swelling the next day morning.

  1. Use moisturizing skincare products.

Individual skin types react differently across various environments or seasons! Whenever the season changes or dry skin causes discomfort, it’s suggested to use the moisturizing skincare products for focused improvements.

  1. Use the mask on a frequent basis.

You may use the moisturizing mask 2-3 times a week or every day.

It’s suggested not leaving the mask on the face more than 20 minutes; otherwise, the moisture vaporizing process in the air may make skin drier!!

  1. Stop using power-based makeup.

Once you’ve found your face is so dry and become cracked,

the first thing you must do is stop using any powder-based products that lead the face drier.

  1. Carry a spray moisturizer at all times.

Many brands launch the spray moisturizer.

In summer, people usually stay inside the air-conditioned spaces, or the passengers boarding on the flights may feel dry skin particularly,

they may give water supply occasionally to solve the dehydration problems!

The S+DIAMOND Trace Elements Soothing Toner may be used as the spray moisturizer to instantly soothe the dry skin problem.