by sdiamond


Beautiful Appearance.Cost and Pay

When the cosmetic surgery market was emerging, we can recall that “laser skin treatment” was the most fascinating. The spots on the face are removed like a miracle. However, when the concept of skin revitalization was not prevailing, skin problems occurred afterward. Whether or not is it worth paying the cost for a beautiful appearance?


Skin alarm that can’t be turned off

Dr. AI is a specialist in Dermatology. When people were discussing skin problems occurring after surgery, skin of most his patients suffered from irritation due to lacking of skincare after the laser treatment; they didn’t know anything about “revitalization”. Adding the hot and humid weather in Taiwan, the phrase “sensitive skin type” became popular; most dermatologists used “steroid” as a treatment. Nevertheless, it’s not a solution to improve skin health. Therefore, Dr. AI started an idea: what would happen if the daily skincare products become a solution to skin improvement?


The Creation of S S+DIAMOND “Cosmetic and Medical Skincare Products”

Being a specialist in Dermatology, Dr. AI found season changes and external stress, etc. could stimulate skin discomfort, etc. Focusing on “revitalization” and “soothing effect” for skin problems or minor wounds, he has developed a series of “medical-grade skincare products”.
Dr. AI named the brand “S+DIAMOND”; the “S” refers to skin, the “DIAMOND” means making skin have the unique glow as bright as a diamond’, the “+” means medical treatment, a reminding of his initial. A simple but determined idea has created the “S+DIAMOND” medical-grade skincare products!


Inspirational Mission

” S+DIAMOND” won good reputation among fans of cosmetic surgery! Every year, a great number of consumers use the series skincare products, which originally are used for improving skin sensitivity after surgery; afterward, it becomes a mild skincare routine at home. The products can speak for themselves; they’ve become outstanding in the performance of either safety or effectiveness. A lot of consumers even buy them as a gift to their family and friends, who are satisfied with the results after using. In the word-of-mouth recommendation, Dr. AI decided to follow the trend and launch skincare products to the market benefiting more people.


Precision Skincare.Intelligent Skin Beauty

The skincare products in the eyes of the Dermatologist Dr. AI can’t be persuasive by just offering feelings or aromas; upholding the scientific spirit, he emphasizes users’ “feedback data”. As a result, he spent several years collecting up to 10,000 number of people’s results of skin detection for the research and development that has been conducted by team collaboration. Meeting the basic data requirements, the 8 core numerical values of “moisturization, sebum levels, lightened spots, pores, stratum corneum, anti-wrinkle, sensitivity, acne” have make skin refrain from taking trials like the Shennong. Currently, S + DIAMOND SkinCare will continuously invest the big data research and development for providing you with “Precision Skincare, Intelligent Skin Beauty”, which reserves your beauty at present and in the future!